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par zimou13
11 mars 2018, 14:06
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Sujet : Restriction vente DVD/BR/CD hors japon
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Re: Restriction vente DVD/BR/CD hors japon

An idea is that they are doing this because they are opening their own branch in USA but they are basically fucking everyone not living in USA if that's the case, which includes me and everyone else outside USA.
par zimou13
11 mars 2018, 14:05
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Sujet : Nouvelles séries et retours
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Re: Nouvelles séries et retours

L'action de Shonan 14 Days se déroule environ entre les tomes 19 et 20 de GTO. Alors que nous sommes en pleines vacances d'été, Eikichi Onizuka vient de se faire tirer dessus par Teshigawara et est en convalescence à l'hôpital. Mais on connaît bien la verve du bonhomme .. ShowBox Kodi Lucky Patcher
par zimou13
07 févr. 2018, 17:19
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Re: [Crunchyroll]

I think My Hero Academia would win the Anime of the Year, because for me, it deserved more action and animation. I enjoyed watching it when the story is always about how to become a hero. __________________________________________________________________________________________ see : https://9apps...
par zimou13
31 déc. 2017, 10:39
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Sujet : Question : La grève au Japon
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Re: Question : La grève au Japon

If they do not strike, it is not necessarily because the Japanese are happy with their fate. It must be remembered that for 20 years, Japan has been unable to get out of deflation and almost zero growth. Precarious and less well paid jobs have developed.
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