Looking for free artist for my manga

Destinés à un public adolescent masculin mais faisant néanmoins fureur chez certain(e)s adultes et/ou jeunes filles, les shonen ont droit à leur propre rubrique!
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Looking for free artist for my manga

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The year is 3017. The event that caused the doom of the globe happened 997 years ago. There are no longer such things as countries or even guns. The world has now become one but in full anarchy. All resources have been drastically reduced and reformed since the comets hit. No one knows the origin of the comets. They remain a mystery since they fell of the face of the earth. Fatefully, a few brave young souls who have been raised in this apocalyptic earth rise. Sharing the same desperate desires of illuminating their darkness, they come together. They then become obsessed with finding enough power to change their world. These passionate friends then form a bond that could potentially save their planet.

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