That his will be done

Destinés à un public adolescent masculin mais faisant néanmoins fureur chez certain(e)s adultes et/ou jeunes filles, les shonen ont droit à leur propre rubrique!
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That his will be done

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Keima, a man of ordinary appearance, is, in reality, the god of the drag. No girl can resist him, no matter his character! Finally, here we are of course talking about young girls who officiate in video games. Because, in real life, Keima makes his classmates flee like the plague! Nevertheless, this unusual existence suits him perfectly well. Only here, in the realm of the dead, when we had set out in search of a beautiful Apollo able to capsize the most unsinkable hearts in order to flush out the evil spirits who have taken up residence there, we had not understood everything at status of our hero. Suddenly, here is Elsy, the little demon sent to Earth to flush out these souls on the run, very annoyed when she realizes that her new partner is actually a first loser when it comes to flirting in the real world! Anyway, we will have to do with what we have because, even so, it is decapitation that awaits them if they fail ...

At first glance, this new acquisition of Kana did not have enough to shake the crowds. However, it is clear that this first volume is very pleasant to follow without reaching humorous summits and scriptwriting. And that, we owe it to several things.

First of all, a drawing which, if it appears to us as very simplistic at first, will quickly become as perfectly adapted to the style of the story. The characters are cute full and, above all, particularly expressive. The author also does not hesitate to use an SD rendition from time to time, or to immerse ourselves in the wacky thoughts of Keima with very pictorial boxes. In addition, the set is very dynamic and the course of action is still relatively simple to follow while reserving here and there a few twists to spice things up a little.

Second highlight of the series: its main theme. We must admit that in our region, the games of dredgers are not particularly popular. They are virtually nonexistent. This is not the case in Japan and it allows us to dive into a world that we do not necessarily know very well. Tamiki Wakaki seems in any case decided to use all the resources of the genre through his stories as we can already see. Between the sportive and dynamic girl and the kid of rich haughty with desire, there is great possibilities of diversities. Provided, however, not to make things last too long. Nevertheless, it also allows to have a whole host of protagonists with very marked characters and therefore far from bland.