Ultra Gear 2nd chapter is finished!

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Ultra Gear 2nd chapter is finished!

Message non lu par jainkumar » 04 sept. 2018, 16:04

so today is the day that we finally finished chapter 2 of our manga series called Ultra Gear and I wanted to share it and get some feedback! Please feel free to check out the prologue, 1st chapter and 2nd chapter for free here -If you liked what you read then please subscribe to our Tapas page to be informed of when new content is released. It is a post apocalyptic shonen type of series that follows a young boy and his friends as they join an academy to help rid the world of 'The Smog' with the use of a breakthrough in technology called 'Ultra Gear'. Any feedback is appreciated and thank you for taking the time to check it out.https://bluestacks.vip/ https://textnow.vip/ https://photomath.vip/

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Re: Ultra Gear 2nd chapter is finished!

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