Looking for free artist for my manga

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Looking for free artist for my manga

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Here is the story of my manga called "Caliber"

The year is 3017. The event that caused the doom of the globe happened 997 years ago. There are no longer such things as countries or even guns. The world has now become one but in full anarchy. All resources have been drastically reduced and reformed since the comets hit. No one knows the origin of the comets. They remain a mystery since they fell of the face of the earth. Fatefully, a few brave young souls who have been raised in this apocalyptic earth rise. Sharing the same desperate desires of illuminating their darkness, they come together. They then become obsessed with finding enough power to change their world. These passionate friends then form a bond that could potentially save their planet.

Chapter 1 Episode 1- Rooftop Reminisce

https://ccleaner.vip https://www.happywheels.vip/ https://vlc.onl/

-Drake’s Intro

Somewhere deep in a valley…

(Thunder and lightning but no rain above valley) Crack!(Many trees are shown on the ground with fist marks)

Drake: (Slowly punching a tree shirtless) (His kimono folded down to his hips) Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah!...(Drake walks away slowly) (Camera zooms in on his eyes) I’m ready (Tree breaks in half behind him) (Scene ends)

-Micheal’s Intro (Flashback)

Location-Micheal’s village (Old rundown Japanese village, roof damage, dirt roads, Market stalls)

Master Kendo’s Dojo (Old broken-down ancient dojo with torn up rice paper walls, floor damage)

Master Kendo: (Sitting on her knees (With empty teacup on table) (Across the table from Micheal) (With a full teacup on the table)) You have learned well. You are as good a student as you are a teacher for i have also learned from you. I am proud to call you my student and friend. You have grown to lead your own path. A new path will bring knowledge and wisdom which i cannot give you. I am no longer your teacher but a friend. Your new teacher is the path ahead. It offers new friends and enemies… choose them wisely.

Micheal: (Sitting on his knees) Thank you master kendo. (Finishes tea)

Master Kendo: Took you long enough, now go... a journey awaits you, ninja of the 7th crest. (Micheal’s Flashback ends)

Location-Starburn City

City rooftop

(Micheal was reminiscing after jumping on the rooftop) (Very windy on rooftop)

Micheal: It’s been some time since I left my village where I witnessed disturbing crimes, so many, I grew immune to them. (He sees flashbacks of people getting robbed and killed) I needed someone to help me combat all the crime, to train me, to prepare me for the world ahead. That's when I met kendo who taught me the deadly art of ninjutsu. I never did thank her till the end...

(Micheal observes civilians as many thugs walk below)

Below In a nearby farmer’s market outside before sunset…

Little girl: Mommy I want these! (Hands her mother grapes with some in her mouth)

Mother: Oh honey, (Grabs daughter’s grapes) you can’t just eat these without paying!

Little Girl: Aww…

(Thugs gather nearby facing toward Mom and Girl)

Thug:(Shaking Fist) Yeah! You gotta pay somehow!

Thug(2):Hey lady! How bout ya show us a little something and we’ll forget about this? (Little girl backs up slowly) (Civilians walk by with heads turned towards girl and mom)

Little girl: Mommy i’m scared can we go home?

Mother: Sweetie I told you we need food. (Thugs stare and chuckle nearby as they appear from other nearby market stalls)

Thugs: Where you headed to pretty lady?

Thug(2):Yeah!? (The thugs glance at the kid and smile)

Thug(3): Aww the little girl is afraid..

Thug(4): C’mon let’s get this over with I’m tired of waiting… ( A few thugs drool with eyes wide open) ( As they lick their lips, more thugs join in and grab the mother)

Mother: (In thug’s arms) Baby run and don’t look back!

Girl: Mommy! (Crying)

Mother: (Crying) Go!

Thug: Get back here you little tramp! (Chases girl)

Girl: (Breathing heavily) Huff huff huff huff... (Girl bumps into Micheal) Oof! (Dirt road in background)

Micheal: (In middle of dirt road) (Micheal kneels at eye level with girl) This won’t take long stay close…

Thug: (Referring to Micheal)You must be crazy! Don’cha know who we- (Micheal disappears) Zoom!

All thugs(9): What the?! (Micheal lands behind thug (Andre) un-noticed) (Fruit stands behind Micheal)

Little girl: Hmm? I thought he was-

(Micheal knocks out thug (Andre) (Group leader) behind the neck un-noticed and catches thug)

All thugs(8): Kill him!(Thugs charge at Micheal)(In front of fruit stand) (Micheal, looking down, lets go of Andre and (Andre) falls to the ground)

Micheal: Save yourselves… this is my territory now(Lifts face and stares with serious eyes)

All thugs(8): Ahhhh!(Thugs run off with Andre)

(One thug trips on a cat Hiss and goes flying but doesn’t land.) (Cat stares up)

Mother: Oh! my baby girl!!(Hugs little girl) Oh dear, I can’t thank you enough. How did you do that? Who are you?

Micheal: … (Micheal, walking away with camera zoomed on his mouth, slightly smerks)(Middle of dirt road)

End of Episode 1

Episode 2 - "The Shooter"

(Drake continues walking slowly as he grabs a fruit from a tree) Snap! Drake:(Observes fruit but doesn’t bite) Everything in this city is so pleasant compared to mine…It disgusts me. I’ll teach ‘em what real suffering is! (Drops fruit) Thud! (Continues to walk towards the city)

(Middle aged farmers (in flip flops, shorts, tank tops and straw hats) conversate with potato sacks between them)

Farmer: (Filling potato sacks) Hey! Did you hear? Something in the valley did a lot of damage

Farmer(2):Huh? (Stops filling potato sacks)

Farmer: Yeah someone was picking the goods and noticed a bunch of trees on the ground

Farmer(2): Must of been some kinda bear (Resumes picking potatoes)

Farmer: Well actually that’s the strange part Farmer(2): What do you mean?

Farmer: They noticed something strange about the trees… they had fist marks on them (Fist marks are slowly shown) Bam! Bam! Bam!

Farmer(2): (Stops filling potato sacks) What!?

Farmer: Yeah and that’s not all, the grass in front of the trees had shoe prints dented in as if someone big stood there for a long time (Shoe prints are shown faster) Bam! Bam! Bam!

Farmer(2): I’ve never heard of such a thing

(Drake walks by)

Farmer: (Stops filling potato sacks) Hey you! (Referring to Drake) Did you see anything strange in the valley while you were in there?

Drake: … I saw a monster (Continues walking)

(Farmers stare at each other) All farmers(2): …

Farmer(2): Hey! You think it was him? (Referring to Drake)

Farmer: Nah, I mean come on, look at him

(Fixes his hat)

Farmer(2): Yeah you’re right he’s too skinny that fella. Hey but remember that brave fella in the city?(Referring to Micheal)

Farmer: (Filling potato sack)) Who?

Farmer(2): That guy, with the black wraps, remember? He scared away the Grey Wolves who were messing with that new family in town.

Farmer: (Stops filling potato sack) Oh yeah, hey he wasn’t that big either.

Farmer(2): Exactly, and he even managed to knock out one of the wolves (Continue filling potato sacks, Farms) Farmer: Did you hear about that guy he knocked out?

Farmer(2): No, what happened?

Farmer: Oh nothing, just that he’s the city’s current light-middleweight boxing champion!

Farmer(2): WHAT!? No way! You don’t mean…

Farmer: That’s right. The one and only himself Andre “The Shooter” Dangan (Andre “The Shooter” Dangan: Boxer: 25 wins - 0 Losses - 157 Pounds - “Undefeated” - Light-middleweight boxing city champion - 7th ranking “Alpha” member in the “Grey Wolves” gang)

Farmer(2): (Takes off his hat) That boxer they call “The Shooter”

Farmer: Yup

Farmer(2): Hey why do they call him the shooter

Farmer: (Lifts his hands with fists) It’s because of his incredible speed with his hands. They say he recorded up to 13 punches per second. He actually calls his fists dual pistols. He’s so fast his punches just look like a big blur.

Farmer(2): (Looks down) Wow who is this guy?

Farmer: I told you it was Andre Da- Farmer(2): (Looks at other farmer) No not him the other guy!

Farmer: Oh. Yeah he’s the more interesting subject.

Farmer(2): Well I heard the people who were at the scene say they saw him disappear and reappear behind the thugs in seconds.

Farmer: (Looks up at the sky) I sure would like to meet this fella

Farmer(2): Not me, you’re crazy (Bends down and fills potato sack faster)

Meanwhile in one of the Grey Wolves’ hideouts…

-Grey Wolves Intro (The Grey Wolves stand around in silence at first) Wolf: (Sitting down looking down) I can’t believe Dangan got knocked out

Wolf(2): (Standing up) No one’s ever stood up to the Grey Wolves before much less knock one of us out!

Wolf(3): Hey! I’d like to see him try that on me!

Wolf(4): (Sitting down) Yeah right! You see how that guy moved? It was freaky. One second he was there and then gone. I got chills when he popped-up behind Andre.

Wolf(5): That punk didn’t seem scared at all.

Wolf(3): (Stands up) C’mon fellas? Have you forgotten? (Points at their symbol) We’re the Grey Wolves! (Symbol is shown) Bam! “Grey Wolves”: Gang: Operate like wolves - Hideouts are gray-only buildings - Hideouts have the Grey Wolves’ symbol on the outside walls - Have 60% of city territory - Estimated numbers: 600 - Rival gang: White Fangs

Wolf(6):All though, this guy did manage to shake up Dangan..

(Andre walks out of a doorway with a dark background behind him)

Andre: Wrong!

All Wolves: Dangan!

Andre: He just got “The Shooter” to load his guns!

Wolf: What do you want to do?

Andre: … (Andre walks towards a punching bag in the room) All wolves: … (Everyone sitting down stands up behind and backs away as Andre walks towards the punching bag)

Andre: Haaaaaaaaa! (Andre punches the bag with such speed, that light smoke comes from the bag)

Andre: (Andre stops and turns around) Gather the pack! We’re going hunting boys!! Then we’ll show this guy what happens when someone messes with Grey Wolves!. (He howls in vengeance) Arooooooo!

All wolves: (They howl in vengeance) AROOOOOO!!!

(After the howl all but two Grey Wolves leave to talk about Andres punches) Wolf: I don’t think I’ve ever seen Andre punch that fast... not that I can see his punches anyways.

Wolf(2): Yeah I know, I got excited so I got the speedometer

Wolf: Huh? You recorded that?

Wolf(2): Yeah, I try to record every time he punches

Wolf: (Gets a bit close) Well, whatcha’ get?

(Checks speedometer ) Wolf(2): … (Gulp)

Wolf: (Gets closer) Well?

Wolf(2): Well according to this…

Wolf: (Even closer) (Loses his balance and regains it) WHAT!?

Wolf(2): (Almost drops speedometer ) He just recorded… 17 punches per second!

Wolf: NO WAY!! Isn’t that four more than his original record!?

(Punching bag bursts into flames) Wolves: Aaaaah!