How do you guys feel about comics/manga?

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How do you guys feel about comics/manga?

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A little backstory:

I used to read a ton of books when I was in elementary school. We had Battle Of the Books every year, and I was always near the top of my class. I sort of drifted from reading when I got into sports and video games, and read only a handful of books over the course of about ten years. About a year ago, I was introduced to Naruto, the anime adaptation, and was put off a little at first (something I never expected to get into), but quickly became infatuated with it. I watched all of it within a couple months, so I was caught up to the current episode. I was too impatient to wait weeks for every new canon episode, so I transitioned to the manga to finish it. I started reading more manga, but one day, when I finished the one I was on, I felt the inclination to keep reading. I grabbed a book off the shelf that I'd neglected to read for years (Ham On Rye), and forced my way through it. Since then, I've been reading 3-4 standard-length novels a week and am enjoying the hell out of my rediscovered passion.UC browser SHAREit MX player

I ask for your opinions because I have seen/heard a fair amount of criticism aimed at comics/manga/graphic novels (not from this sub, but in articles and other forums around the net). The way I see it, any medium of storytelling can provide an impactful experience for people to enjoy and connect with. I am interested in gaining insight as to why you dislike (or enjoy) these platforms. I am aware that they aren't as challenging and leave less to the imagination, but I see the drawings as works of art themselves. What do you think?