Comic Books vs Manga?

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Comic Books vs Manga?

Message non lu par rihaankambhoja » 11 sept. 2018, 13:55

As a young teenager in the early 2000s, I was really interested in manga and, to a certain extent, anime. I started by reading popular shounen mangas like DBZ (that's what made me come in), Naruto, Rurorni Kenshin, One Piece etc.

However, I soon found myself with more mature stories like Wolf Lone & Cub, Vagabond, Berserk, Monster, Gantz, 20th Century Boys and other seinen mangas. In my twenties, I found myself focusing on other things and giving up manga as a hobby. It was more about not finding anything new to read that made me lose interest in the media, I felt that most of the things available were for a younger audience.

However, a few years ago, I moved to my home and found my old mangas neatly stored in boxes and started to reread one of my favorites (Berserk) and that brought me back, but I quickly encountered the same problem. I had earlier, I felt like I had read everything that seemed to deserve to be read at least for me and nothing new had really caught my attention. So I turned to American comics, it was something I always wanted to check but I had never discussed before, where I live, American comics are not really important. VidMate AnyDesk

Anyway, getting into American comics has opened up a whole new world of reading for me, but again, as with Japanese comics, many men and teenagers. There are still many comic books for older readers.

In any case, I love Japanese and American comics, there are really incredible stories to read on both sides of the world. One thing I like about Japanese comics is that they feel much more personal, at least when you go out of the Shounen marke